Welcome to BananianX

The goal of this script is to provide an easy solution to install a graphical user interface (GUI) on Bananian (LightDM and xfce4), a special Linux Distro for the Banana Pi board. Since Bananian has been abandoned and not many people were actually interested in this project, I decided not to develop the script further. While it should work on the last version of Bananian, I discourage anybody from using it. Bananian and BananianX don't get any updates anymore and could have critical bugs including security issues. Possibly this script still works on some Debian distros I don't know. Feel free to update and fork this repo. Please include credit if you want to release the software and contact me.


There are 2 Versions of BananianX. BananianX FULL and BananianX LIGHT.

  1. BananianX LIGHT: Installs only the most important packets. Doesn´t take as long to install as BananianX FULL. Uses less disk space.
  2. BananianX FULL: Installs more features, installation takes longer, more disk space used. If there are missing packets, please contact me. See the contact options.


BananianX is not actively developed. So it might not work as expected.